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Our Services

Early Start Autism Intervention Program (ESAIP)

Parent Training

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

ESAIP is an intensive language-based program. The SLP services within ESAIP expect a collaborative approach between certified behavior analysts, speech pathologists and direct staff. SLP is involved in the development of communicative outcomes (receptive and expressive language). During the first 30 days of treatment, you will receive up to 6 hours of individualized trial training per week for diagnostic assessment. A report is then submitted to the service coordinator with recommendations for ongoing intervention times.

The structure of parent training should aim to balance the caregiver's concerns with the child's ability to perform. Mylestone staff strives to understand, reflect and empathize with the individual needs of caregivers. A core component of the parent training program also adheres to the Behavioral Skills Training Model (BST) developed by Miltenberger (2003). Parent training sessions will be conducted in all of the following categories: ​

IIndirect/ Direct Instruction

 Informative Discussion without Client Present 

Powerpoint Discussions on Content-Focused Skills

Direct Coaching and Modeling with Client Present utilizing Behavior Skills Training Approach

Independent Study 

Handouts Demonstrating Skill Comprehension Prior to Direct Implementation

Data Collection Outside of Treatment Sessions

Natural Environment Training (NET) is a practical approach used in special education and applied behavior analysis (ABA) to teach children with developmental delays or disabilities essential skills within their natural environment. This training method focuses on creating a learning environment that closely resembles the child's everyday surroundings, such as home, school, or community, to enhance generalization and promote functional skills acquisition.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a process to understand why a child engages in challenging behaviors. It involves gathering information to identify the underlying function or purpose of the behavior. By conducting an FBA, parents can gain insights into what triggers the behavior and how it serves a specific purpose for their child. This assessment helps parents and professionals develop effective strategies to support and address the child's needs, promoting positive behavior and reducing challenging ones.

Social Skills Group

A social skills group at Mylestones in Modesto, open to children ages 6-8, is a structured program designed to help children develop and refine their interpersonal abilities in a supportive and interactive environment. Through various activities and exercises, participants learn crucial communication, cooperation, empathy, and problem-solving skills, fostering positive interactions with peers and adults alike.

Comprehensive (COMP)

The Early Start Comprehensive Developmental Program (COMP) is a multidisciplinary
team that trains parents/caregivers on various activities to enhance the infant/toddler’s
developmental needs. Early Start services are provided for consumers from birth to age three
years who are at risk or are suspected of having a developmental delay. In addition to providing
direct services to the child, this program is dedicated to training parents and caregivers in
methods to enhance skill development through everyday activities. The engagement and
involvement of the family in the treatment process are crucial to the child’s success. Early Start
services are provided in the child’s natural environment. The Early
Intervention Specialist (EIS) is the lead team member responsible for implementing and
reviewing agency information with parents, including attendance policy, rights, environmental
agreement, etc. The Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) is the direct speech provider for the Comprehensive team, responsible for providing speech therapy and reviewing agency information with parents, including attendance policy, rights, environmental agreement, etc.

Hi! I'm your BCBA,  Nina. 

I'm a behavior analyst (behavioral artist) with a great passion for early intervention and early detection of autism. I have 20 years of lived experience in autism spectrum disorder and speech delay through my firstborn son, only daughter, and youngest child.

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